Disregarded Details

I am interested in exploring the things we throw away. The used, the unwanted, the materials we appropriate as trash. The throwing away of used materials has become a sanctioned and mundane act of daily life. We give these objects, in their death and decay, no second thought. I seek to expose this veil of uselessness, choosing to isolate objects as stand-alone subjects, possessing a life of their own. Exploring the aftermath of our consumption, or lack thereof.

But in this world of decay, lies beauty. Much like the natural processes that occur in our own lives, such as in aging, the corrosion of time and the elements take their toll. To witness that process, which is also a journey, the cycle of life and death is repeated. Where the flowers bud, blossom, wane. The plumb shrinks back into itself. The coffee grinds turn sour green. My intent was to capture a single moment within the development of these last few moments. Bearing beauty to it’s whiter and rot.