A l t e r s

I merged the medium of photography and sculpture together by altering found objects through the photo-transfer process, choosing to create several site-specific installations at the location of an abandoned lot behind my neighborhood. The photographic imagery on the found objects, (which were all captured on 35mm analog color film) tell a non-linear narrative incorporating repeating visual motifs of playful young adults engaging in the natural world.

Much like a spider building a web, these site-specific installations carry the common thread of connection to reoccurring themes of the archetypical Trickster character, which symbolizes crossroads, transformation, beginnings, endings, and change. The use of yarn and twine are the literal ties that bind these paths together, creating a map through which the eye travels in labyrinth-like directions, with the intent to figure out a question or problem through the mediation of observing, reflecting, and connecting. The colors symbolize youth and the fundamental color wheel, red, yellow, and blue, from which all colors when blended are birthed. My motivation is to create an ephemeral multisensory experience that transforms the way in which photographic images are consumed.