Frog Alley Community Garden

Frog Alley Community Garden is located in the historic neighborhood of Frog Alley in Delray Beach. The garden’s philosophy believes in “sowing community through organic practices”. They advocate the importance of sustainable life practices by providing the community an open space in which to cultivate and grow their own food.

Through documenting the ins and outs of the Frog Alley Community Garden, I want  to raise awareness on sustainable and practical life practice through Organic cultivation. This means documenting methods that require a relatively small amount of energy to yield a high amount of outcome. An example of this would be permaculture, agricultural design in alignment with the patterns of nature, plays a large role for many of these dedicated gardeners. With the intent of implementing gardening methods that seek to coexist with the natural ecosystem, the ability to grow and share food, as well as contributing little to no environmental impact, establishes Frog Alley as a sustainable garden.

The diversity of gardeners at Frog Alley, a handful of who are new to gardening in general, are egger to learn and experiment with various methods of organic cultivation. The sharing of information from gardener to gardener pertaining to the growth of their plots, when to seed and harvest, the identification of native plants, and assorted solutions to pest problems is what makes Frog Alley a community garden.

Candid shots focusing in on the gardeners, the conscious design of space, the plants, and the tremendous amount of work involved have been the highlights of this project. The significance of each composition is to mirror the earthy element, depicting a combination of labor and love. The choice of paper and size, such as a cold press natural matte 13 x 19, coincide with the natural aspect echoing throughout.